Global CBS is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of individuals worldwide.

Our team stands as the cornerstone of our success – ‘Our people, our pride.’ They have been instrumental in propelling our growth and embody the essence of our organization. Each member of our team brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, contributing to our collective strength recognizing that it is this diversity that fuels our continuous evolution and distinguishes us in our field.

Temuri Miminoshvili

Warehouse Quality Manager

Tea Kobelashvili

Finance Manager

Tamuna Gotsiridze

Group Manager

Tamar Liparteliani

Group Manager

Tamar Gongadze

Group Manager

Tamar Jinjolava

Pharmacare Marketing Manager

Sopo Qajaia

Group Manager

Rusudan Abzianidze

Medicare Marketing Manager

Nino Miminoshvili

Warehouse Manager

Nana Qoridze


Naili Bitskinashvili

Assistant of Pharmacist

Megi Tenadze

Group Manager

Maka Markozashvili

Office Manager

Maia Mamaladze


Liza Gulashvili


Ketevan Jalagonia

Healthcare Marketing Manager

Cici Merabishvili

Group Manager

Irakli Vekua

Accounts Logistics Manager